Zalon has launched in Sweden

Zalando’s personal shopping services, Zalon, expands to the north and is now launched in Sweden

It began like many of Zalando’s offerings; as a way to democratize fashion. By bringing stylists and consumers together in a convenient and smart way, Zalon does just that. And it has proven to be successful. 1.4 million outfits have been created since the launch in 2015, and Zalon is currently handling a few thousand outfits per day.

Do you feel the same way...?

It is eight o'clock in the morning. Your alarm goes off and the sun sips in between the curtains. Time to get up and make some coffee, shower and get dressed. The first two are easy, but getting dressed is an eternal hassle. You open your closet but you have no inspiration whatsoever. Your colleagues are always so well-dressed. The woman with the dark hair has such a classic and fancy style. You have read thousands of magazines with styling tips, googled fashion inspiration and faithfully scrolled social media. But every morning it is equally difficult. How do you combine the garments, how do you make them flatter your figure, how do you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit all day? The answer is Zalon!

Outfits according to your wishes

You start by choosing the styles you like. Then choose your favorite brands, colors and preferred fit. Lastly, you specify your size. Do you order a box for a special occasion? Maybe a dinner party? Tell your stylist and upload pictures yourself if you want. You can also upload pictures of styles you like.

Personal styling without any hassle

You are paired with the stylist who suits your wishes and your style the best. Your stylist creates an outfit based on Zalando's assortment. After reviewing the digital preview, your Zalon box will be sent. The personal shopper service is for free.

Maximum style - minimal effort

As soon as your Zalon box is delivered, it's time to try out the new outfits. Was there something you did not like? Did you want something in a different color or size? It is free of charge to return your garments. And perhaps best of all - you do not even have to leave home! Your stylist takes care of everything.

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