We back challengers

Europe’s leading listed growth investor

Kinnevik partners with transformative, long-term sustainable companies that make people’s lives better

Investing in the future

Redefining industries is at the core of our DNA. We are entrepreneurial investors with a long track record of building disruptive businesses and rapidly scaling them into global leaders.

Since 1936, we have been on a mission to back the most innovative ideas, founders, and companies. Businesses that can challenge established norms, create a better every day, and solve the most pressing issues of our time.

We look for disruptors

The sectors we focus on are healthcare, software, marketplaces and climate tech. We invest in Europe and the US. We look for fast-growing innovative businesses that leverage disruptive technology to create new markets or redefine existing ones. They are made up of ambitious, diverse teams with long-term mindsets.

We believe companies should provide customers with products and services that deliver more choice, less complexity, superior experience and better value.

Active owners powered by permanent capital

Through our permanent capital structure, we focus on providing patient capital and operational support to scale private or public businesses with a track record. We will selectively invest earlier and later for the right opportunity.

We are active owners, working closely alongside our portfolio companies on every step of their growth journeys. We ensure that our companies have the right focus, strategies, and capabilities for long-term value creation.

Every generation faces its unique challenges and opportunities. Kinnevik’s mission remains the same - to partner with transformative, long-term sustainable companies that make people’s lives better.