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Investment case

1. We have hands-on operational experience in navigating complex business environments

Our  investment professionals have founded and operated challenger  businesses through periods of significant change, digitization of  business models and milestone moments such as mergers, acquisitions and  exits. Our operating model allows our experts to spend significant time  with the teams at our companies as active partners.

2. We have a strong track-record of building the next generation of winning businesses

At Kinnevik, we have always focused on finding the next generation of  winning businesses and working closely with them over decades of growth.  The main reason we can do this is that we have the flexibility of  permanent capital, unrestricted by investment constraints and fund  maturities, making us a well-placed partner to our businesses at every  stage of their journey.

3. Sustainability is at the core of our business and of our investment process

We believe that to be a long-term successful company, you need to  contribute to making the world a better place. Integrating  sustainability into companies’ core business models and value creation  proposition will bring the greatest returns for shareholders over the  long term. Importantly, we want to support the digital businesses of  tomorrow to create a more sustainable and resilient future because we  simply believe this will give us a commercial advantage. And we lead by  example, setting bold targets for ourselves.

4. We give shareholders access to a portfolio of some of the world’s most exciting businesses

Kinnevik offers a rare opportunity for retail and institutional  investors to gain access and exposure to the world’s most exciting  fast-growing, tech-enabled private companies. And investors can choose  to enter, or exit, our stock at any time at market value. For retail  investors in particular, Kinnevik stock offers a unique way to secure  exposure to venture and growth via a liquid option without the minimum  thresholds usually required to enter the asset class. Our team, network,  financial flexibility, sustainability focus and strong track record are  the fundamentals that enable us to maintain a strong pipeline of  exciting investment opportunities.