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The Kinnevik team

Kinnevik’s greatest asset is and has always been our people. As such, attracting and retaining top talent is a key priority

Kinnevik has a firm set of core values. Our team members share an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a belief in building long-term sustainable businesses. Kinnevik offers its employees continuous opportunities for personal and professional growth to develop their skillset and to take increasing responsibility for value creation at Kinnevik and our portfolio companies.

A Small and Diverse Team

Kinnevik’s organisation comprised 45 people on average during 2022, with 31 people based in the Stockholm office and 14 people in the London office. The investment team consisted of 15 professionals. Per 31 December 2022, the share of women in the management team was 43%, in the investment team 44% and in the corporate team 70%.

According to a voluntary and anonymous survey sent to the full Kinnevik team in November 2022, 18% of team members self-identified as of an ethnic minority background. The response rate of the survey was 95%.

Employee Well-Being is Our Top Priority

Kinnevik is committed to promoting a good, safe and healthy work environment for all employees across physical, organisational and social aspects to prevent risk of occupational injuries and to maintain good health. The goal is to strengthen the employees’ motivation, effectiveness, health and well-being.

In order to assess how our employees feel about working for Kinnevik and include employees’ perspectives into assessments on potential impacts on our workforce, we conduct periodic follow-ups of employees’ well-being, health, satisfaction and engagement throughout the year, as well as an annual in-depth survey. The results of the survey in 2022 did not indicate any significant issues with regards to human rights, equal opportunities or work environment. 

Out of the 90% of employees that responded to Kinnevik’s 2022 employee survey, Kinnevik received a 2022 eNPS score of 48 (48) (scale of -100 to +100, where a score above +30 is considered excellent) when asked if the employees would recommend Kinnevik as an employer to a friend.

A film about our team

Kinnevik regards diversity and inclusion as core levers for value creation, and we make full use of the opportunities that arise from employing a team with different backgrounds and perspectives.