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Financial Key Ratios

Five-Year Overview (SEKm)20232022202120202019
Equity/assets ratio, %90%92%92%96%94%
Net cash/(Net debt) (incl. debt unpaid investments)7,88010,3875,3844,817-930
Debt/equity ratio, multiple0.
Net asset value 48,16152,90672,391111,67173,295
Net asset value per share, SEK 171189260402265
Net asset value growth-9%-27%16%52%31%
Kinnevik market capitalization30,38640,19189,606115,92963,232
Market price class B share at 31 December, SEK108144324417229
Premium (Discount) to Net Asset Value-37%-24%25%4%-14%
Dividend per share, SEK---7.00-
Dividend in kind per share, SEK--196.22-60.09
Dividend in kind per share for calculating returns, SEK--172.75-56.22
Total shareholder return %-25%-56%29%85%40%
Fair value, Value-Based Care6,2058,34211,5948,2083,545
   Share of total net asset value15%19%17%8%5%
Fair value, Virtual Care4,3292,5075,53412,3022,968
   Share of total net asset value10%6%8%11%4%
Fair value, Platforms & Marketplaces3,9995,9436,71753,25533,539
   Share of total net asset value10%14%10%50%45%
Fair value, Software7,8768,32010,5301,5271,361
   Share of total net asset value19%19%16%1%2%
Fair value, Consumer Finance1,8022,5382,6461,3991,698
   Share of total net asset value4%6%4%1%2%
Fair value, Early Bets & New Themes4,9732,9651,414752347
   Share of total net asset value12%7%2%1%0%
Fair value, Emerging Markets1661,0054,6319,5235,332
   Share of total net asset value0%2%7%9%7%
Fair value, TMT11,88711,75224,24020,45025,440
   Share of total net asset value29%27%36%19%34%
Total portfolio value (excl. net cash/net debt)41,23643,38567,541107,55674,230
Change in fair value of financial assets (incl. dividends received)-4,715-19,31814,95841,53921,879
Profit/loss for the year-4,766-19,51914,77740,27421,572
Earnings per share-16.96-69.8353.12145.2278.02
Cash flow from operations (excluding dividend received)-336-359-376-362-271
Cash flow from investments in financial assets-4,344-5,954-6,014-2,170-4,586
Cash flow from sale of shares and other securities1,5047,3355,7998,3836,162
Dividends received9363,5381,6891,6892,907
Cash dividend paid-1100-1,928-2,271
Cash flow for the year-2,2403,3502,9553,7023,401