Möt vårt Team

Se filmerna med några av våra anställda när de besättar mer om vad de arbetar med, vad de tycker är mest givande och varför de trivs bra på Kinnevik

Andreas Bernström

Senior Investment Director

"The Nordics have category-defining startups that sprout new entrepreneurs within them, which gives people the enthusiasm and the opportunity to start their own businesses. It becomes a natural evolution of the ecosystem."

Maria Maras


"The pandemic really accelerated existing trends within the future of work. It opened up entirely new ways of working and new product needs that didn't exist before."

Christian Scherrer

Investment Director

"Kinnevik's permanent capital structure and ability to invest over multiple rounds is an amazing fit for founders in healthcare. It will take capital and time to build something truly big and impactful."

Ola Nordbye

Investment Director

“There’s so much to be done in fintech and there are tons of good businesses that needs to be built. Even if the water’s a bit choppy now, over time, mixing the capital available with the founders and the need for innovation, I think we’ll see a lot of interesting things come up.”