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Investor Relations, Media & Sustainability 

Torun Litzén

Torun Litzén

Director of Corporate Communication

Switchboard: +46 (0)8 562 000 00

Email: torun.Litzen(at)


Nina Holtenius

Nina Holtenius

HR Director

Email: talent(at)

Board and Commitee

Contact the board

Shareholders wishing to communicate with the Board of Directors should address letters to: Office of the Corporate Secretary
Kinnevik AB
P.O. Box 2094
SE-103 13 Stockholm

Contact the Nomination committee

In accordance with the resolution by the 2024 Annual General Meeting,  the Nomination Committee ahead of the 2025 Annual General Meeting  comprises Lawrence Burns, nominated by Baillie Gifford, Erik Brändström,  nominated by Spiltan Fonder, Marie Klingspor, nominated by herself and  Wilhelm Klingspor and Amelie Klingspor, Cristina Stenbeck, nominated by  Verdere S.à r.l, AMS Sapere Aude Trust fbo HS and AMS Sapere Aude Trust  fbo SMS and the Chair of the Board James Anderson. Lawrence Burns is the  Chair of the Nomination Committee. Shareholders wishing to submit  proposals to the Nomination Committee can do so in writing to or to The Nomination Committee, Kinnevik AB, P.O. Box  2094, SE-103 13 Stockholm Sweden.


Kinnevik AB

P.O. Box 2094
SE-103 13 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Skeppsbron 18
Phone: +46 (0)8 562 000 00
E-mail: info(at)

Media enquiries
Phone: +46 (0)70 762 00 50
Email: press(at)

Investment propositions
Email: investment(at)

Kinnevik Capital Ltd

30 Golden Square

London W1F 9LD

United Kingdom