Applied Health Signals

Silence Noisy Healthcare

Livongo, our consumer health pioneer, announces a new category of technologies and capabilities called Applied Health Signals

Too often,people living with chronical conditions are presented with too many health data points to take meaningful actions. Livongo silence the noise by Aggregating, Interpreting, Applying, and Iterating ("AI+AI") health signals to empower people with chronic conditions to live better lives and make healthy behaviors more accessible.

Health Signals in Action

Livongo's Applied Health Signals in Action

What's new with Applies Health Signals?

Unlike many digital health companies that focus on a single condition, address one aspect of a problem, or deliver a narrow set of consumer applications, Livongo is unique because they apply a broad set of health signals across multiple conditions.

Applied Health Signals is all about gathering substantial amounts of data, turn it into actionable, personalized information, and offer it to health consumers at just the right moment to drive measurable behavior change. So that people like William McLeod can keep living his passion to sing and inspire others. Read more about his story below.

Why did you enroll in the program?

When you’re told you have diabetes, there isn’t a lot of support from your doctor. I stumbled around for years not really knowing how to treat it, not getting great advice - just “go on insulin” consistently. I thought there should be a better means of management and that was the same moment when Livongo came into my life.

What motivates you to stay healthy?

I’m motivated by my goal to get off the medications I take to manage my diabetes. I don’t want to be plagued with this disease any longer than I have to be. If I stay as healthy as I can be, then I can do the one thing that I love more than anything, which is my music.

Stories of passion, purpose and positive health

Hear from William McLeod on how Livongo has helped him manage his diabetes so he can do what he loves most, singing