Livongo and Amazon Launch Voice-Enabled Blood Pressure System

Voice-Enabled System Powered by Amazon Lex

Livongo is on a mission to transform the healthcare experience for millions of people living with chronic conditions every day

Despite the investment and advances in technology, the US healthcare system is failing to adequately address the current chronic condition epidemic. Livongo is enabling its Members to make important health changes by aggregating and interpreting data, and by delivering health signals in the way most useful to the Member managing their condition. As voice increasingly becomes one of the preferred ways people interact with technology, Livongo announced that it will leverage Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly to power its voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring system. 

Trasforming the Healthcare Experience

Livongo Executive Chairman Glen Tullman talk about Livongo's blood pressure monitoring system powered by Amazon Lex and Applied Health Signals solutions

Easy Interaction

The Livongo for Hypertension voice experience will provide Members the ability to easily interact with Livongo via the most natural and personalized communication channel – their voice. For example, after a high blood pressure reading, the Member may hear a voice Health Nudge suggesting changes to their nutrition to help lower sodium intake.

Personalized Nudges

The “Cuff to Cloud™” experience will instantly and effortlessly upload readings to Livongo’s AI+AI™ engine, which will deliver a real-time and personalized voice Health Nudge™ to Members after every blood pressure check.This enables a new way to deliver actionable, personalized, and timely health signals that drive behavior change and positive clinical outcomes.