Christmas at Skeppsbron

The Kinnevik Tree

Shines bright in the heart of Stockholm

For the 23rd consecutive year, the Kinnevik Christmas Tree shines bright over the Old City in Stockholm. The first time The Kinnevik Tree lit up the heart of Stockholm was back in 1996, after Jan Stenbeck decided to bring some of the US extravaganza to our capital. This year we are very proud to do it together with Steve Angelo and his "För Vårt Sverige" – for a more inclusive Christmas.

The Magnificent Tree

The tree, inspired by the one at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, is a 40m high sculpture of branches mounted to a more-than-century old spruce trunk. On top, the 4m high “Star of the Millennium” is shining – the official symbol for Stockholm in 2000.

För Vårt Sverige

This year we switched on the lights together with Steve Angelo and his "För Vårt Sverige". The charity was founded three years ago and is focusing on helping single mothers, underprivileged children and fighting against diabetes.

A Christmas for Everyone

In collaboration with För Vårt Sverige, Giving People, Sisterns International, Transcom and Hemköp, Food vouchers were given to 550 families with single mothers to brighten their Christmas.

I was brought up by a single mother. I believe many problems in society has its orgin with mothers not having any support, they feel forgotten by society.