Budbee starts taking on the rest of Europe

Budbee launches in the Netherlands

Following a strong 2018 with rapid growth in Sweden as well as expansion into both Finland and Denmark, Budbee earlier this year announced that it will be expanding outside the Nordics as it takes on its fourth country - the Netherlands. To kick this off, the company hosted a launch event in one of their terminals last week outside Amsterdam by inviting customers, media and suppliers as seen in the picture above. With operations now up and running across the country, the ambition is to continue having the consumer first in mind to repeat the feat of becoming the national leader in last-mile deliveries - something that took the company just two years to achieve in the Swedish home market.

What has happened?

Since the beginning of September, Budbee has been operational throughout the Netherlands following some partnerships with experienced local last-mile partners who shares Budbee’s proposition and have freed up capacity to help the firm scale quickly. In a quest to make its services available for all Dutch e-commerce consumers, the company now offers several ways for web shops to connect to its services both through customized integrations and platforms.

What is up next?

Budbee is also building up its own pool of delivery staff in the Netherlands with the long-term plan of assembling its own fleet of vehicles both with ICE cars as well as electric vans and cargo bicycles. This would make the set-up much similar to that being used in the Nordics and when adding the Netherlands to its international footprint, Budbee’s services are available for some 25 million consumers.

The start of a European expansion

Fueled by a strong focus on the end-user and a promise of delivering on her conditions and when she is truly at home, Budbee wishes to provide excellent last-mile delivery for all. With its favourable geographical position in Europe, population density and e-commerce adoption, the Netherlands is a natural next step to kick off Budbee’s European expansion.

The consumer and their right to choose is at the heart of everything we do here at Kinnevik and as Budbee strives to always keep the end-user first in mind, we look forward to supporting them in this next step of their journey.