The effects of climate change are clearly visible and will have an increasingly tangible impact on Kinnevik and our portfolio. Implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) enables us to identify, assess and manage our most material climate-related risks and opportunities

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TCFD Report 2021


TCFD Report 2020


Part of our strategy for sustainable business development

Long-term sustainable development is an integrated part of Kinnevik’s business model: from the sourcing and assessment of new business opportunities, to the ongoing development of our companies and the re-allocation of capital into new opportunities. Our ambition is to develop our companies into long-term sustainable businesses in line with the Paris Agreement, and to futureproof them for a new, low-carbon economy.

In the spring of 2020, Kinnevik adopted new climate targets for our own operations and our portfolio, in line with the carbon law and with the 1.5˚C ambition. As part of this effort, we are supporters of the TCFD and have implemented its recommendations, which enable us to better understand the actual and potential impact of climate-related risks and opportunities on our business, strategy and financial planning. By identifying and assessing the most material of these risks and opportunities for Kinnevik and our portfolio, we can manage and mitigate the risks while seizing the opportunities, which creates resilience and enables long-term value creation.

Summary Implications of climate change on Kinnevik

In our assessment of the potential implications of climate change on Kinnevik’s business, strategy and financial planning in accordance with the TCFD framework, we have identified near-, mid- and long-term risks and opportunities across our four sectors. We believe transition risks related to market and reputation, i.e. changes in customer behaviour and preferences, are the most material climate-related risks. Increasing awareness about climate change will impact customer preferences, leading to increased demand for products and services with a low climate impact. The risk of not being able to meet these demands by making the transition to a low-carbon economy may have a significant impact on our companies’ competitiveness. Read more about Kinnevik’s climate-related risks and opportunities in the TCFD report for 2020.