Kinnevik’s greatest asset is and has always been our people. As such, attracting and retaining top talent is a key priority

While the nature of our work changes frequently, our core values do not. Kinnevik’s team members share an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a belief in building longterm sustainable businesses. Kinnevik offers its employees continuous opportunities for personal and professional growth in order to develop their skill set and to take increasing responsibility for value creation at Kinnevik and our investee companies. The small size of our organisation enables us to personalise career development and training opportunities for each employee. Read more about our social responsibility >

Kinnevik regards diversity and inclusion as core levers for value creation, and we make full use of the opportunities that arise from employing a team with different backgrounds and perspectives. Read more about diversity & inclusion at Kinnevik >

Watch the video about Kinnevik's team

Watch the video about Kinnevik's team

Kinnevik’s organisation comprised 40 people on average during 2019 (fulltime equivalents), with 27 people based in the Stockholm office and 13 people in the London office. The investment management organisation consisted of 12 professionals, whereof eight based in London and four in Stockholm. Moreover, during 2019 Kinnevik employed 28 people across Finance, Legal, Strategy, Sustainability, Corporate Communications, HR and Administration.