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Samuel Sjöström

Samuel Sjöström

Chief Financial Officer

Employed: 2013

Nationality: Swedish

Born: 1987

Board positions: Playground Music Scandinavia

Previous Experience: Various roles at Kinnevik, last as Chief Strategy Officer

Education: BSc in Business & Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and LLM from Stockholm University

Shareholding (including closely affiliated persons): 94,500 class B shares, of which 26,900 held through pension plan, insurance or similar

Samuel joined Kinnevik in 2013 out of university as a CFO trainee and was appointed CFO himself some nine years later. During his time at our company, he has mainly spent his time on planning, driving and executing on the transformation of Kinnevik into a growth-focused investment firm, and its many implications on our approach to capital allocation and stakeholder communication.

With the transformation completed in 2024, these days he mostly spends his time on helping existing and prospective investors understand Kinnevik’s portfolio and platform, and supporting our investment professionals in making the most of their and our investees’ awesome potential.

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