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Torun Litzén

Torun Litzén

Director Corporate Communication

Employed: 2007

Nationality: Swedish

Born: 1967

Board positions: Chairman of Reach for Change

Previous Experience: Senior IR officer at Nordea, fund manager at HQ Fonder, management consultant Coopers & Lybrand in Moscow, Russia

Education: Graduate in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics

Shareholding (including closely affiliated persons): 48,364 class B shares, of which 1,000 held through pension plan, insurance or similar

Torun joined Kinnevik in 2007 as a communications director. Prior to Kinnevik, Torun worked as an investor relations officer at Nordea and a fund manager at HQ funds after starting her career working as a consultant in Moscow, Russia.  With her long experience, Torun has a deep understanding Kinnevik’s stakeholders and has been instrumental in crafting and telling the Kinnevik story in all channels including building investor and media relations, starting with Kinnevik’s first digital investments, and continuing through the current strategic pivot into a leading growth investor. Torun is also responsible for developing Kinnevik’s sustainability strategy, executing on a structured engagement model and a bespoke approach for implementing sustainability strategies in each portfolio company with the aim of creating business value and supporting the company’s overall strategy.

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