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#38 William Jaeckel

William was our LUMA #38, read more below about what attracted him to Kinnevik

What did you do before you joined Kinnevik?

I recently graduated from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in Financial Mathematics. During my studies I was involved in several student initiatives and did a variety of internships within investment banking, private equity, growth investing and consulting.

Prior to my six years of studies in Stockholm, I lived south of Malmö where I grew up. I am half-German and also lived near Frankfurt for a few years during elementary school.

Why did you apply to Kinnevik?

What initially attracted me to Kinnevik, besides the uniqueness of the LUMA role, was its focus on late VC and growth stage investments. Companies at this stage have proven themselves, but there's still much room to grow and challenges to face. This balance of potential and risk, and Kinnevik's expertise in navigating it, really stood out to me. Furthermore, Kinnevik's rich heritage of continual transformation was impressive to learn more about during my application process. Being part of such a legacy, which emphasizes adaptability and innovation, made me eager to contribute.

What attracted you to the LUMA role?

I learned about the LUMA role early in my studies and was struck by how unique it was. I applied for the role because it seemed like a one-of-a-kind opportunity, without knowing the ins and outs of it. As I got to know the management team during the interview process, and heard more about the position, I realized this was the place I wanted to be.

What do you think you will learn from this year?

What appeals to me about the LUMA role, especially this early in my career, is that it's a bit like a versatile stepping stone for professional growth. You get to wear many hats and see high-level executives in action, which is invaluable for figuring out where you might fit in the grand scheme of things. It's not so much about coming in and knowing exactly where you can make an impact; it's more about exploration and discovery. You're exposed to different aspects of the business, from the nitty-gritty of event planning to the nuances of high-level decision-making. Through these experiences, you hopefully start to get a sense of what you're good at and where you can contribute the most, all while learning from some of the best in the industry.

Describe the role?

You work closely with the CEO and management team and get to be the spider in the web in that setting as you have a helicopter view of the company. Those workstreams include preparing the agenda for the management meetings and attending them, planning bi-annual Kinnevik strategy sessions, shadowing Georgi during any meeting you find interesting, and making sure that the team follows up on our short- and long-term goals. The role however is really what you make it, you get to decide what you find interesting and want to work on. 

Your impression after three months?

Only two months into the role, and the word that comes to mind is 'access.' I've had the opportunity to sit in on high-level meetings, engage with various departments, and get a firsthand look at the challenges and opportunities the organization is faced with.

It is also easy to get involved in all aspects of the business which allows the LUMA to tailor the year to be the most interesting for her or him. However, as there are only 24 hours in a day, time management is a challenge. With that said, the opportunities are endless.