Meet our LUMA

Kinnevik has a long history of taking in trainees, LUMAs, who work closely with the management team. Read more about Johan Bäckman Berg, our LUMA #35

What did you do before you came to Kinnevik?

I studied a masters's and bachelors's degree in Accounting, Valuation and Financial Management at the Stockholm School of Economics. During my studies, I also took the opportunity to get involved in the student activities at SSE and did internships to get an insight into the business world.

Why did you apply to Kinnevik?

For me, it was a lot about the culture at Kinnevik. They breathed challengers, entrepreneurship and international ambitions. Furthermore, it was also the fact that Kinnevik is really at the forefront when it comes to technology, digitalisation and foreseeing the future of consumer behaviour. Kinnevik represents an incredible forward movement and I felt that I wanted to be part of the change and disruption that Kinnevik and Kinnevik’s portfolio companies are spearheading.

What attracted you to the role of LUMA?

For me, it was mainly about that the role combines both more operational hands-on projects with more analytical and strategic tasks. It felt like a very good combination for someone who is open minded about future career opportunities. And during the recruitment process, I got a first view of the employees at Kinnevik and was taken by how humble and competent they seemed, while they did not hesitate to stick out their chin or have a good time. When I understood that, I felt that I just had to get this job.

What do you think you will learn from this year?

I think I will learn the most from working closely with all my colleagues, who are some of the absolute best in this industry. But also, how to steer and navigate an 80-year-old, listed investment company in an industry that is constantly changing.

Describe the role

Although the LUMA role is largely shaped by what happens in Kinnevik during the year, there are two main parts you get to engage with. One part is the close work with the CEO and management team, which means several recurring tasks such as running ongoing projects and preparing materials for management and the board. Through this, you get to take part in and get an insight into decision-making at the absolute highest strategic level.  Within this, one of the most interesting parts of the role lie, the mentorship with Kinnevik's CEO Georgi Ganev.

The second part you get to engage in is that you on a project-based basis gets to ‘move around’ within Kinnevik and the portfolio companies. Here, the LUMA gets a unique opportunity to try different working fields, depending on interest, regardless of whether it is working with investments with the investment team, running a project in a portfolio company or launching completely new internal initiatives at Kinnevik.

Your impression after three months

That there is an incredible breadth of tasks I work with and learn about, and above all that there is a huge height in the discussions I get the opportunity to participate in. The LUMA role is really like a crash course in how to manage and build companies, from a financial and operational perspective

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A short interview with Karin Blommergård on the life after the LUMA-year

Looking back at your LUMA year, what were the most important things you learned?

1.    Stakeholder management, to read the room and adjust expectations.

2.    Make sure to always have your numbers ready and in order.

3.    Nobody really wants “80/20” (especially if excellence is one of your company values) 😉

In what way has the LUMA year been beneficial for you in your current role?


My LUMA year was basically a crash course in leadership and stakeholder management – something you will find extremely beneficial further on in your career. 


Being exposed to the Kinnevik work culture, you learn to love the fast paced environment and to not be faced by any situation. This makes you very comfortable with change, which is an invaluable skill to have. Also, it’s incredibly exciting to see the investment vision being implemented into practice, and “getting your hands dirty!”.


What do you say to everyone who considers applying?

Don’t hesitate to apply! You will observe, learn from and be mentored by the management team of Sweden’s most exciting investment company. You will have access to information and watch decision making on a level which you normally wouldn’t be part of unless you were a management director or board member. The next time you’re in such a setting you will not have the possibility to ask those questions. Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by people who are not only extremely talented but also have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously!