Share Capital

Kinnevik AB's share capital is distributed among 278,697,215 shares with a par value of SEK 0.10 per share. One class A share entitles to 10 votes and one class B and class C-G share entitles to 1 vote. All shares provide equal rights to participation in Kinnevik's assets and earnings. To the knowledge of the Board there are no share agreements or share associations in Kinnevik. 

Distribution per class of shares

 Number of 
Number of 
Total share capital
(SEK 000's)
Class A33,755,432337,554,3203,376
Class B242,153,584242,153,58424,215
Class G 2018297,258297,25830
Class D-G 2019645,054645,05465
Class C-D 2020992,337992,33799
Class C-D 2021853,550853,55085


Development of share capital

 YearEventChange in
share capital (SEK)
Total share
capital (SEK)
Change in
number of shares
Total number of shares
2010New issue of
Class C shares
2013New issue of
Class C shares
2016Share buyback program-230,15527,546,664-2,301,552275,466,638
2018New issue of 
Class C shares
2018New issue of reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares58,72827,625,392587,281276,253,919
2019New issue of reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares69,75627,695,147697,560276,951,479
2019Redemption of 2018 and 2019 reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares-4,92327,690,224-49,235276,902,244
2020New issue of reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares121,88027,812,1041,218,800278,121,044
2021Redemtion of 2018, 2019 and 2020 reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares-27,73727,784,366-277,379277,843,665
2021New issue of reclassifiable subordinated incentive shares85,35527,869,721853,550278,697,215