Reasons to Believe

1. We’re experts in understanding complex and fast-changing consumer behaviours.

This empowers us to back business models that are harnessing the power of technology to address vital, everyday needs and make consumers’ lives better in the digital age. We have the strongest healthtech portfolio of any European investor, and a successful, expanding portfolio across e-commerce, fintech and foodtech. 


2. We have a strong track-record of building the next generation of winning businesses.

We partner with companies at every stage of their journey, and actively support them for the long-term. Our entrepreneurial team has hands-on experience of founding and running challenger businesses through periods of significant change, digitization of business models and milestone moments such as M&A deals and exits.

3. Sustainability principles are deeply embedded in our investment process.

We strongly believe that investing in sustainable business models and diverse teams will bring the greatest returns for shareholders.  We see huge risks in partnering with businesses that look at short-term gains, without thinking about the environmental, social and economic impact they will have on future generations. In contrast, we want to help the digital businesses of tomorrow create a more sustainable and resilient future.

4. We give shareholders access to a portfolio of the world’s most exciting private companies,

providing a rare opportunity for both retail and institutional investors to receive outsized returns from the worlds’ best technology businesses. For retail investors in particular, this is a unique investment opportunity to invest directly into the Kinnevik stock, as it does not entail needing to meet the high thresholds often placed on traditional Private Equity and Venture Capital funds.