Financial Targets

Kinnevik’s objective is to increase shareholder value, primarily through net asset value growth. In order to clarify our strategy the Board of Directors of has decided to communicate financial targets. These reflect Kinnevik’s evaluation of its balance sheet structure and the criteria on which dividend payments to shareholders are based as well as the return targets on the portfolio companies.

Attractive returns

Based on the current portfolio composition, Kinnevik aims for an annual total shareholder return of 13% over the business cycle.

Low leverage

Given the nature of Kinnevik's new investments, the goal is to have low or no leverage in the parent company.

Increasing shareholder remuneration

Kinnevik aims to pay an annual dividend growing in line with dividends received from its investee companies and the cash flow generated from its investment activities. Kinnevik will make share buybacks when the Kinnevik share trades at a significant discount to their intrinsic value, as perceived by Kinnevik, and the company has significant net cash, taking into consideration its dividend expectations, net investment plan and operating costs.