Financial Key Ratios

Five-year summary (SEK m)20192018201720162015
Equity73 29570 50390 63372 43483 464
Equity/assets ratio, %94%95%97%97%98%
Net cash/(Net debt) (incl. debt unpaid investments)-456-2 887-1 062-1 3097 568
Debt/equity ratio, multiple0.
Net asset value 73 29570 50390 63372 43483 517
Net asset value per share, SEK 265256329263301
Net asset value change31%-22%25%-13%-1%
Kinnevik market capitalization63 23258 72876 04260 22372 680
Market price class B share at 31 December, SEK229213276219262
Cash dividend per share, SEK8.258.25
Dividend in kind per share, SEK60.0915.36   
Share redemption program per share, SEK- --18.00
Total shareholder return %40%-16%31%-6%5%
Fair value, Consumer Services37 31825 44242 67440 82940 452
Share of portfolio value50%35%47%55%53%
Fair value, TMT25 44042 50540 51825 95630 003
Share of portfolio value34%58%44%35%39%
Fair value, Financial Services4 7624 1364 9224 0893 427
Share of portfolio value6%6%5%6%5%
Fair value, Healthcare Services6 7101 3423 5812 9272 077
Share of portfolio value9%2%4%4%3%
Total portfolio value (excl. net cash/net debt)74 23073 43091 69573 80175 959
Change in fair value of financial assets (incl. dividends received)21 879-13 29720 655-3 2361 447
Profit/loss for the year21 572-13 65620 359-3 4591 207
Earnings per share78.02-49.5873.90-12.554.35
Cash flow from operations (excluding dividend received)-271-316-267-237-209
Cash flow from investments in financial assets-4 586-2 710-4 843-3 330-1 590
Cash flow from sale of shares and other securities6 1621 5895 3044808 259
Dividends received2 9071 8872 2601 7332 984
Cash dividend paid-2 2712 270-2 201-7 084-2 011
Cash flow for the year34011 3121 475-8 5577 490

Note: Accounting as Investment Entity according to IFRS 10 from 1 January 2016

Financial Key Ratios (Excel)



Equity ratio
Shareholders’ equity as a percentage of total assets

Debt/equity ratio
Interest-bearing liabilities including interest-bearing provisions divided by shareholders’ equity

Net cash/(Net debt)
Interest bearing receivables (excluding net outstanding receivables relating to portfolio companies), short-term investments and cash and cash equivalents less interest-bearing liabilities including interest-bearing provisions and unpaid investments/divestments

Net asset value, NAV
Net value of all assets on the balance sheet, equal to the shareholders’ equity

Net asset value growth
Change in net asset value without adjustment for dividend paid or other transactions with shareholders

Total shareholder return
Annualized total return of the Kinnevik B share on the basis of shareholders reinvesting all cash dividends, dividends in kind, and mandatory share redemption proceeds into the Kinnevik B share, before tax, on each respective ex-dividend date. The value of Kinnevik B shares held at the end of the measurement period is divided by the price of the Kinnevik B share at the beginning of the period, and the resulting total return is then recalculated as an annual rate

Portfolio value
Value of all assets on the balance sheet, less cash and cash equivalents