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Third Quarter 2023 Highlights

Interim Report 1 January – 30 September 2023

”The market environment in which we operate continues to be highly challenging, and we are not satisfied with the development of our net asset value and shareprice. To support our companies in navigating the tough business climate, we are working closely with our founders and co-investors to increase efficiency in each business and to strike the right balance between growth and profitability. Many difficult decisions need to be made, but they are made with the intent to shape a more resilient portfolio and position it for long-term value creation.”

Georgi Ganev, CEO of Kinnevik

Kinnevik in numbers


Sek, Net asset value


Nav per share


Change in nav Q/Q


Change in nav Y/Y


1 year TSR


5 year TSR

Conference Call 10am CEST

Welcome to listed to the conference call presenting the third quarter results 2022.

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Those who wish to participate in the teleconference are welcome to register via the below link. Participants will receive dial-in numbers and confirmation code upon registration. Please make sure to register and dial in a few minutes before the teleconference begins.

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