Salaries, other remuneration and social security expenses (SEK 000s)

 Board, CEO, senior executives1)Other employeesBoard, CEO, senior executives1)Other employees
Investment operations    
Total salaries and other remuneration50,09747,08856,67033,375
Social security expenses10,78810,36914,9917,038
Pension contributions/expenses2)3,5235,0425,9313,014
Operating subsidiaries    
Total salaries and other remuneration15,261223,33725,841317,584
Social security expenses1,84956,1152,90256,829
Pension contributions/expenses2)1,61819,2061,81718,926

1) Relates to Board and CEO of all Group companies and senior executives in the Parent Company.
2) Relates to present and former Board members and CEOs.


Remuneration for the CEO and other senior executives (SEK 000's)

 CEOOther senior executives1)Former CEO2)Present CEO2)Other senior executives1)
Fixed salaries10,53315,64911,6495,91619,198
Variable salaries7,6008,192-3,4009,782
Pension contributions03,523676-4,778
Estimated costs for share-based
remuneration excluding social securities cost
794 1,097 72 1,862


1) Other senior executives consisted during the year of 6-7 persons and amounted to 7 (7) persons at the end of the year.
2) Relates to Mia Brunell Livfors until April 2014 and provision for the period May 2014 to April 2015, and Lorenzo Grabau from 1 May-31 December 2014.


Auditors' fees

To Deloitte  
Audit assignments11
Other services11