Salaries, other remuneration and social security expenses (SEK 000's)

 Board, acting CEO, senior executivesOther employeesBoard, CEO, senior executivesOther employees
Total salaries and other remuneration45,66656,50470,67563,378
Social security expenses12,34910,91510,99815,625
Pension contributions/ expenses2,7305,7452,7584,440
Estimated costs for share-based remuneration including social securities cost5,1709,7415,24210,993


Remuneration for the CEO and other senior executives (SEK 000's)

                           Acting CEOOther senior executives1)                          CEO2)Other senior executives
Fixed salaries3,96512,64910,9453)17,120
Variable salaries3,90014,9665,26411,992
Pension contributions8241,907-2,758
Termination pay including benefits--16,422-
Estimated costs for share-based remuneration excluding
social securities cost

1) Other senior executives consisted during 2017 of 4 (6) persons.
2) Relates to Lorenzo Grabau as CEO until 7 December 2016 and reservation for termination pay to be paid over 18 months thereafter.
3) Fixed salary for CEO during 2016 includes 30% pension cash payment.


Auditors' fees

To Deloitte  
Audit assignments11
Other services01