According to the Articles of Association, the Company shall have not more than three auditors, with not more than three deputies, or a registered audit firm.

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting, the registered audit firm Deloitte AB was re-elected Company auditor for a period of four years until the 2021 Annual General Meeting, with authorized public accountant Jan Berntsson as auditor-incharge. Jan Berntsson, born 1964, is also the auditor-in-charge in Boliden AB and AB Electrolux. The auditor’s independence is ensured by legislation and professional ethics and the audit firm’s internal guidelines, as well as by adhering to the Audit Committee’s guidelines governing the type of assignments that the audit firm may conduct in addition to the audit. During 2018, Deloitte AB has provided advice regarding interpretation of accounting principles for long term incentive plans. Information regarding audit fees is provided in the Annual Report’s Note 12 for the Group and Note 5 for the Parent Company, Auditors’ Fees.

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