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Reach for Change has found the 2020 Change Leaders

Partner up for Change

Since 2010, the Kinnevik-founded and long-term partner Reach for Change has supported over 1,000 social entrepreneurs who improve the lives of children and youth. On November 12th in Malmö, four new passionate Change Leaders were welcomed to the incubator program. Through the program, they will get the tools and support to scale their innovative ideas, solving the most pressing issues for children and youth.

As part of the program, the Kinnevik team mentors the entrepreneurs throughout the year and we are gladly welcoming this year’s winners Louise Hammarbäck from PACS, Mårten Granlund from Under Kevlaret, Nour Habib from Trygg Rätt and Jenny Lindström Beijar from Our Normal.

Trygg Rätt

Having found himself on the wrong path in life eventually leading to a prison sentence, Nour found the inspiration for Trygg Rätt, which inspires and guides youth at risk to safe and meaningful jobs. Through lectures, personal guidance and contact with the business community he has helped as many as 63 youth at risk to a safer environment.

PACS (Protection and Action for Children's Rights in Sports)

Being exposed to sexual abuse at an early age, Louise leveraged her education as a lawyer to bring about a change in something she holds dear – sports. PACS educates children, team leaders and sports associations in children's rights and bodily integrity to activate the Children’s Rights Convention and prevent sexual abuse.

Under Kevlaret

Having experienced mental illness himself and hesitated to share this with his surroundings, Mårten created Under Kevlaret - a support forum fighting the macho culture to make guys feel more comfortable in talking emotions, asking for help and support each other through advocacy work, support chat and lectures.

Our Normal

Jenny herself has a child with down syndrome and lacked a smart digital solution to meet other families in the same situation. Our Normal is the digital platform and supportive network for families interested in sharing experiences and making new friends to break the exclusion of children with disabilities.

How to Partner up for Change

As a founding partner of Reach for Change and investor in the organisation’s capacity-building and support of social enterprises, Kinnevik is proud to see that the social entrepreneurs supported by Reach for Change have helped over four million children getting closer to reaching their full potential.

Having 10 years of experience in working with Reach for Change, we know ourselves the great impact of working cross-sector to leverage the strength we have in our society, combine them and leverage on innovative partnerships. To meet the Sustainable Developmental Goals by 2030, we must hook arms across companies and industries. Head over to Reach for Changes website to learn more on how you can partner up for change.