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Kinnevik @ the WQ Summit

World Quotient

WQ - Telling us how well prepared we are to embrace global opportunities

In today’s multicultural world, we need a new language for assessing what it means to be ‘successful’. Something beyond grades and what school you attend. Something more than your ability to work in a team and influence the people around you. We need to look at your World Quotient. What are the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that make you an open,empathetic and culturally fluent human being? Kinnevik's Cristina Stenbeck and Georgi Ganev were, for the first time, on stage together at EF's WQ Summit to exemplify why WQ is the new IQ.

Kinnevik on Stage

Fostering Leaders to Build and...

Kinnevik's own story is inextricably tied to our values of embracing people with WQ as much as formal education and training. We pride ourselves on having an ecosystem of talents, stronger than any Linkedin network. We let young talents log in to a global platform and learn the hard skills, as they bring so much of the soft skills to the table.

...Manage Multinational Digital Brands

When investing in Digital Brands, there is a shared set of skills we like to rotate within the group. This goes for the top, where the former CEO of Kinnevik was the CFO of MTG, and the former CEO of MTG ran Millicom, but also for our younger talents. As a testament to the empowering Kinnevik culture, our emerging market insurance provider BIMA was founded by a former Tele2 trainee.

Real Life Exposure

We allow people to be exposed. I mean, who knew Swedes and Nigeria was a recipe for success? Having these live operations in telecom and in media have enabled us to be one of the biggest net exporters of Swedish entrepreneurs over the last 30 years.