Industry-Leading Sustainable and Ethical Shopping


GFG introduces a new way of empowering the customers to make conscious purchasing decisions based on their personal sustainability values

Demystifying the complex and confusing world of sustainable fashion

Global Fashion Group’s Australian e-retailer, THE ICONIC, is leading the way by launching a feature that will allow customers to filter and find sustainable products using five different sustainability categories: sustainable materials, eco-production, fair production, animal-friendly, and community engagement.

The initiative is empowering customers to make informed purchasing choices through education and accessibility. As a global company with 11.4 million active customers and over 10,000 fashion & lifestyle brand partners, GFG has an opportunity to drive the sustainability conversation forward in the high growth markets in which they operate.


Being a part of Considered means the product on THE ICONIC is made using at least one material or process that is better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives, or is from a brand which is making contributions to the community around us.


The Sustainability Credentials are a specific set of criteria that apply at a product level, not brand level. These criteria are intended to provide consistent and specific information at the point of sale and help to educate customers. The full list of the 30 Sustainability credentials can be found here.

Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility

"As one of the first online retailers globally to launch an initiative of this kind, we have made important progress to date, however we are humble enough to know that this is a journey and we still have much work to do.”

Patrick Schmidt, Co-CEO of GFG