Working for Kinnevik

Kinnevik is a small and nimble organisation, based in Stockholm and London


The Kinnevik Organization 

Our aim is to enable our people to take increasing responsibility for the development and value creation of Kinnevik and our assets. Our size enables us to personalise opportunities for career development including training, mentoring and career progression.


Job Openings and Student Opportunities 

We primarily recruit to address specific needs and do not accept open applications. Any new job openings will be posted here or on LinkedIn. When it comes to student opportunities, we do not currently have the resources to offer students internships or support on their theses. 


Trainee Year

Kinnevik has a long history of taking on trainees, LUMAs, who work closely with the CEO and the management team. During your time as LUMA, you will gain insights to what it means to manage a dynamic and high-paced company, create a large network within Kinnevik and with our companies, and gain relevant experience and tools for your future career. At Kinnevik, the policy is that the LUMA participates in everything and after the year you will continue within the group companies to get more practical experience, or at Kinnevik. The application process for LUMA nr 35 will open during the fall of 2019. Any news will be posted here or on LinkedIn.