Diversity & Inclusion at Kinnevik

Besides our fundamental belief in equal rights for all employees, Kinnevik believes diversity and inclusion brings clear business benefits as it leads to improved financial performance, higher degree of innovation, better decision making and creation of value over the long-term.

Kinnevik’s policies, processes and rules relating to diversity and inclusion are outlined in Kinnevik’s corporate policies, including the Employee Handbook, Talent Management Policy and Work Environment Handbook. Below is a summary of the key aspects of diversity & inclusion at Kinnevik. 

Equal opportunities

Advancement within Kinnevik shall be based on merit. All Kinnevik employees and candidates shall have equal opportunities based on competencies, experience and performance regardless of age, race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, political opinion, union membership, or ethnic background. This applies to recruitment, promotion, training and all other types of development steps in the company.

Fair and equal pay

No Kinnevik employee shall be paid less than the minimum total wage required by applicable law and all employees shall receive equal pay for equal work.

Anti-victimization, harassment and bullying

Kinnevik is committed to promoting and ensuring a working environment where individuals are treated with respect.  Victimization, harassment and/or bullying, such as racial or sexual harassment, and harassment due to disabilities or on the grounds of sexual orientation or religion beliefs, are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Such conduct will not be ignored, and any complaints will be taken seriously and investigated as a matter of urgency. 

Parents and flexible working

All Kinnevik employees shall be able to combine parenthood and work under equal conditions. The rules and regulations for parental pay differ between countries, however, all permanent Kinnevik employees, regardless of gender and care taker status, are entitled to paid parental leave of up to 39 weeks, during this period employees will receive 100% of their ordinary fixed salary. 

Kinnevik supports appropriate flexible working both in relation to working hours and working locations. Such flexible working arrangements are discussed and agreed on an individual basis with the relevant manager.

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Diversity & Inclusion Certification

During 2020, Kinnevik was certified by the Diversity VC Standard and became the first investor globally to be awarded the Diversity VC Level 2 Standard. The standard was developed by Diversity VC, a UK non-profit partnership promoting diversity in venture capital investing, and Diversio, the world’s leading D&I solution provider for investors. 

The standard is an assessment and certification process that sets a benchmark for best practice on diversity and inclusion within venture capital and shows that an investor follows best D&I practices within inter alia recruitment, equal opportunities, deal flow sourcing, portfolio support and investment assessment. The standard was launched in September 2020 and assessed approximately 15 leading venture capital funds during 2020, across Europe and Canada. The standard provides investors with tools and recommendations to open their networks and make funding available to underrepresented founders, as well as resources to promote an inclusive environment for both founders and employees.

Diversity VC Standar Seal - Level 2 - 2020.png