Stakeholders and Material Topics

Three dimensions of sustainable development

Stakeholder Dialogue

Maintaining a close dialogue with our principal stakeholder groups is central to defining and confirming our material aspects. The key stakeholder groups have been identified through board and management discussions as those that are most affected by our operations, and have a high degree of influence over Kinnevik’s ability to implement our strategies and achieve our objectives. 

These include: Shareholders and the Financial Community, Employees, Portfolio Companies and Entrepreneurs, and Society and Authorities.

Focus areas for each stakeholder dialogue is raised in ongoing dialogues throughout the year.

Material Topics

Kinnevik’s material topics have been identified through interactive stakeholder dialogues, Board and management discussions, peer benchmarking and industry best practice. When determining our material topics, we consider topics that are the most important to us and our stakeholders, as well s the significance of Kinnevik’s environmental social and governance impacts. The material topics reflect the key risk and opportunities we focus on, both on a Kinnevik and Portfolio level. 

Material Topics and Sustainability Targets for Kinnevik and Our Portfolio 


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