Key Policies

Kinnevik’s key sustainability policies are our Code of Conduct, Whistleblower Policy and Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Code of Conduct

All employees and representatives of Kinnevik are expected to comply fully with the Code of Conduct. Kinnevik has an onboarding process for new employees that introduces them to the Code of Conduct, which includes anti-bribery and business ethics, and to other key policies and procedures. In addition, Kinnevik conducts mandatory annual Code of Conduct training for all employees.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Whistleblower Policy

Kinnevik is committed to the highest possible standards of openness,honesty and accountability. In line with this commitment, we expect all employees, as well as relevant third parties who deal with the company, to come forward and voice all serious concerns about any aspect of Kinnevik’s work.

Who should you contact?
Anyone with a complaint or concern about any wrongdoing conducted by a person in a leading position or a key employee within Kinnevik, should try to contact his or her supervisor, manager or the person in charge of the department that provides the relevant service.

As an alternative, the Chairman of the Audit Committee and the General Counsel may also be contacted via e-mail or via ordinary mail to Kinnevik AB, Box 2094, SE-103 30 Stockholm, Sweden. Anonymous reports will be accepted.

Whistleblower policy (pdf)

Corporate Responsibility Policy

In the Corporate Responsibility Policy, we outline Kinnevik’s expectations in relation to our investee companies’ sustainability performance.

Corporate Responsibility Policy (pdf)


Lobbying Policy

Kinnevik’s policy is to actively engage in open dialogues with local governments, authorities and key policy makers. The purpose of such dialogues is to contribute to and improve the policy landscape and society as a whole. Among other things, Kinnevik participates in public consultations in areas of importance to Kinnevik and our portfolio companies.