Environmental Impact

All companies have a carbon footprint. We believe it is important to track, offset and reduce Kinnevik’s footprint in order to be a role model for our investee companies.

Greenhouse gas emissions estimate

Kinnevik conducts a yearly greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions estimate which quantifies the total greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly by our operations. This is Kinnevik’s third yearly estimate and it provides us with a tool to monitor and reduce our climate change impacts. The GHG assessment quantifies all seven Kyoto greenhouse gases where applicable and is measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalence, or CO2e.

During 2018, Kinnevik generated 645 (602) tonnes of CO2e in total, corresponding to 17.6 (16.1) tonnes per full time equivalent employee.

Kinnevik's Greenhouse Gas Protocol Report 2018 (pdf)

Carbon offsetting

In order to take responsibility for our carbon footprint, Kinnevik offsets our emissions in full. For every tonne of carbon emission caused by Kinnevik’s own operations, we offset one tonne of carbon in order to achieve net carbon neutrality.

For 2018, Kinnevik has continued to offset our carbon footprint by contributing to a community-based reforestation initiative in the municipality of San Juan de Limay in Nicaragua. The initiative is designed and verified to the Plan Vivo Standard, the oldest standard for certification of climate protection projects in the field of land usage. The projects have to pursue a holistic approach, fighting deforestation and poverty while focusing on reforestation. 

Kinnevik's Carbon Offsetting Certificate 2018 (in Swedish, pdf)

From our Sustaianability Report 2018

Environmental Impact (pdf)