Mega Trends

Kinnevik is affected by several mega trends in society. A mega trend is a large, over-arching direction that shapes the business world for a decade or more. There have been many mega trends that have impacted business such as urbanisation, individualism, and connectedness. Two mega trends which has and will continue to impact Kinnevik and our companies are sustainability and digitalisation

The mega trend of sustainability is built on the foundation of protecting our planet and its resources. It has become part of a global commitment to protect the environment while providing a future for many generations to come. Society is demanding organizations become responsible corporate citizens and many consumers are putting their money behind those decisions. They are buying the products of, advocating for, and supporting organizations committed to sustainability.

Digitalisation is a mega trend that will influence the building of future society. As a mega trend, digitalisation can find ways to bypass any obstacles and resistance in its path to influence tomorrow. Those who quickly grasp the potential and find new ways to leverage the new ideas will thrive. Those who try to resist will likely be phased out. Digitalisation is not a technical evolution but rather an industrial and social revolution driven by citizens and customers. There are endless possibilities to change the way we live, work and communicate with new technology. Change is appearing at a speed we have never seen before.