Change in the number of shares and votes in Investment AB Kinnevik

30 Sep 2009, 9:02 AM
As of 30 September 2009 the number of shares in Investment AB Kinnevik (publ) amounts to 277,448,190 of which are 48,665,324 Class A shares, with ten votes each, and 228,492,866 Class B shares and 290,000 Class C shares with one vote each.
The total number of votes in the company amounts to 715,436,106. In September, the number of shares in the company increased with 16,676,260 shares (i.e. 16,676,260 newly issued Class B shares, following the closure of the acquisition of Emesco) and the number of votes in the company increased with 16,676,260 (i.e. 16,676,260 votes of the newly issued Class B shares).
For further information, visit or contact:
Mia Brunell Livfors, President and Chief Executive Officer
+46 (0)8 562 000 00
Torun Litzén, Director Investor Relations
+46 (0)8 562 000 83
+46 (0)70 762 00 83
Investment AB Kinnevik's objective is to increase shareholder value, primarily through net asset value growth. Kinnevik manages a portfolio of investments focused around three comprehensive business areas; Major Unlisted Holdings which includes the cartonboard and paper company Korsnäs including shares in Bergvik Skog, Major Listed Holdings which includes Millicom International Cellular, Tele2, Modern Times Group MTG, Metro International and Transcom WorldWide, and New Ventures which is active in finding new investments in small and mid sized companies which has a significant growth potential. Kinnevik plays an active role on the Boards of its holdings.
The Kinnevik's class A and class B shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm's list for large cap companies, within the financial and real estate sector. The ticker codes are KINV A and KINV B.