Change to Management at Korsnäs

19 Dec 2000, 5:39 PM
Christer Simrén has requested to leave his position as President of Korsnäs AB for a position as President for a company in the Real Venture Group. The Board has granted this request.
Korsnäs' Board has decided to appoint Per Lindberg acting President of Korsnäs AB from 1 February 2001 inclusive. Christer Simrén will remain at Korsnäs for the first quarter of 2001 to assist Per Lindberg.
Per Lindberg has a doctorate in technology and previously worked for the consultancy company Applied Value Corporation in Chicago, USA. As part of his role he worked with production and structural issues in the automotive, telecomm and forestry industries. He has also worked for Kinnevik and Korsnäs for several years and therefore knows Korsnäs' industrial operations well.
A new President will be appointed to Korsnäs Packaging AB soon. Korsnäs Packaging AB will simultaneously be turned into an independent company and the new management at Packaging will report directly to the President of Kinnevik.
For more information, please contact Korsnäs' Personnel Manager: Torbjörn Larsson, +46 (0)70-795 12 15