Year-End release 1998

31 Dec 1998, 5:00 PM
Turnover remained practically unchanged, operating income amounted to MSEK 1,063 (734).
Income after financial net amounted to MSEK 532 (207). Income has improved thanks to corporate development and capital gains and despite costs related to the build up of SEC (MSEK 649).
Net income amounted to MSEK 464 (169).
The purchase right in SEC (SEK 1,50) which was dividended out in 1998 is currently quoted at SEK 27, an increase by 1,700%.
Transcom, the customer services company, continues to make good progress, turnover increased by 124% to MSEK 358.
Earnings per share after full tax and after full conversion amounted to SEK 7.37 (2.74).
During the past 15 years, Kinnevik's shares have generated an average effective yield of 33 per cent per year as a result of capital growth and dividends, and including the value of offers to subscribe to shares. The effective yield for 1998 was 76 per cent.
The board proposes a dividend of one share in Invik & Co. AB for each 100 shares in Industriförvaltnings AB Kinnevik series A and B respectively, plus a cash dividend of SEK 1 per share.
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