Audit Committee

Charlotte Strömberg was appointed as Chairman of the Audit Committee, and Henrik Poulsen, Wilhelm Klingspor and Susanna Campbell were appointed members of the Audit Committee at the constituent board meeting following the AGM held on 11 May 2020.


The Audit Committee’s assignments are stipulated in Chapter 8, Section 49b of the Swedish Companies Act. These tasks include maintaining and enhancing the efficiency of contact with the Group’s auditors and conducting inspections of the procedures applied for accounting and financial reporting, as well as the internal audits within the Group. The Audit Committee’s work focuses on the quality and accuracy of the Group’s financial accounting and the accompanying reporting, as well as work on internal financial controls within the Company. Furthermore, the Audit Committee evaluates the auditors’ work, qualifications and independence. The Audit Committee monitors the development of the accounting policies and requirements, discusses other significant issues connected with the Company’s financial reporting and reports its observations to the Board.

The Audit Committee shall meet not less than four times annually. Minutes are kept at the Audit Committee’s meetings and are reported to the Board at its next meeting.