How We Create Value

We call our approach "The Kinnevik Way", which is to drive growth and profitability in each one of our businesses

We do this by...

Ensuring strategic and operational excellence

  • Developing strategic roadmaps and expansion strategies
  • Introducing KPI and reporting standards
  • Adding industry experts where necessary

Attracting world-class talent

  • Leveraging our global network to attract world-class talent
  • Leading recruitment, as well as design and implement incentive plans
  • Facilitating connections within the Kinnevik network

Developing strategic and operational partnerships

  • Driving key strategic partnerships for investee companies
  • Assisting in negotiations and support implementation

Partnering with leading investors

  • Attracting industry leading institutional investors
  • Executing fundraising processes well as implementing rigorous governance, risk management, compliance and corporate responsibility practices, ensuring our businesses lead the way in their respective markets.


  • Maintaining active board representation in investee companies
  • Recruiting competent and experienced board members
  • Ensuring sufficient internal control environment

Risk management

  • Ensuring robust risk management processes are in place
  • Monitoring risks regularly by screening risk registers
  • Addressing cyber risks across investments


  • Ensuring processes are in place to comply with laws and regulations
  • Verifying implemented compliance reporting structures
  • Reviewing compliance reports at Board meetings

Corporate responsibility

  • Requiring Corporate Responsibility policies based on international standards
  • Advocating ethical business practices within investments
  • Driving compliance with social and environmental regulators
  • Overseeing implementation of anti-corruption procedures