Our Strategy

A Leading Growth Investor

Kinnevik’s business strategy is to be the leading growth investor by:

  • Backing challenger businesses that use technology to address material, everyday consumer needs
  • A bold and long-term business builder, partnering with talented entrepreneurs
  • Focusing on Consumer Services, Financial Services, Healthcare Services and TMT, large sectors in the process of significant technological disruption
  • Investing in Europe, with a focus on the Nordics, the US, and selectively in other markets
  • Leveraging our experience and expertise to build leading, long-term sustainable businesses


Kinnevik has three core priorities to deliver on our strategy:

  • Continue to evolve the portfolio towards a higher proportion of growth companies
  • Strengthen our portfolio balance across sectors, stages and time to liquidity
  • Reallocate capital more dynamically through attractive exits as our young portfolio matures