Kinnevik as a Partner

At Kinnevik, we know that building leading digital businesses is very difficult to achieve. Kinnevik is a well-capitalised investor with deep sector expertise and a long-term investment horizon, working side by side with entrepreneurs for the entire journey.


Watch the video about Kinnevik as a partner

Watch the video about Kinnevik as a partner

We partner with entrepreneurs and leaders who we believe in, whose passion we share, and whose values we respect. We’re not just providing capital, we’re working together to create the conditions for success in each and every one of our businesses. We also help our businesses adopt sustainable business practices. This is particularly important as we invest in sectors that are critical to human needs, where trust is paramount and regulation is often required to safeguard customers’ interests. 

We demand performance from our investments, but we also have the patience and heart to understand that creating true value requires experimentation and commitment.

Below selected testimonials from some of our talented entrepreneurs:


"Amongst today's investing sector with its myriad styles and world views, Kinnevik stands out. It brings a long-term outlook, clear commitment, and probably most importantly, a unique ability to be a true partner to entrepreneurs. They have a sense of purpose which makes them unique in an otherwise crowded sector"

Pranay Chulet, Founder and CEO of Quikr


"Kinnevik has been an ideal partner, ready to step in, not just with capital, but ideas, contacts, and support, when we’re considering ways to move the business forward. They have also demonstrated flexibility, with clear goals but the willingness to accomplish them in steps.  Capital is easy.  We look for long-term partners who share our vision and are willing to back big ideas that can make a difference"

Glenn Tullman, Founder and CEO of Livongo


"For me Kinnevik is not just an investor but a partner that has been vital in building the company from the start. They have helped refine the business model, establish partners, recruit the team, raise capital and deliver sustainability. Throughout this journey, Kinnevik have always acted in the company's best interest and have taken a long term view; this has resulted in a unique level of trust in Kinnevik"

Gustaf Agartson, Founder and CEO of BIMA


"Kinnevik is a visionary firm of great integrity, one that invests in transformational businesses. Part of the reason we love Kinnevik as a partner is your beliefs align with our own: customer first, be bold in innovating to serve the customers, and build quality products that will endure. Kinnevik, more than any firm I know, seeks to get to know the founder and the team assembled. They invest in excellent teams, observe them and constantly apply gentle pressure to improve both team and process, with a collaborative, supportive approach."

Jon Stein, Founder and CEO of Betterment